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Because of its excellent flavor, attractive fragrance, beautiful shades of color, delicious taste and healthful value, the mango is now recognized as one of the best fruit in the world market, a veritable King of Fruits, as it is known in South Asia. Pakistan is among the leading mango producers as it is the original and natural habitat of mangoes.

Pakistani mangoes are high in fiber, low in calories and contain a small amount of carbohydrates, calcium, iron, potassium and a little protein; they are rich in vitamins A, B and C and also contain other antioxidant vitamins. Mangoes have more carotenoids than most other fruits and that helps word off colds and reduces the risk of cancer and heart disease.

Mango the Magnificent

There are a number of varieties of this fruit to choose from including Sindhri, Langra, Dusehri, Anwar Retaul, Gulab Khas, Sunera, Chaunsa, Black Chaunsa, White Chaunsa, Began Phali, Fajri etc. All of these diverse varieties have distinctive colors, aromas and tastes. It is indeed amazing that so many unique tastes come from the same fruit originating from so close proximity.


For many Sindhri mango is the epitome of perfection in mangoes. It is oval in shape with a beautiful yellow colour, very low fiber and an incomparable aroma. Availability is from 20th May to 30th June.


Known for being very sweet, firm and low fibre. Its available between mid June to the end of August. Chaunsa is one of a kind and is much sought after by its aficionados.


Fajri is a large size mango. Fajri has little aroma but the pulp is fiberless. Availability is from 15th June to 5th August.


Medium size fruit with greenish yellow colour. Dusehri is slightly aromatic. Pulp is fiberless. Availability is from 20th May to 10th July.

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