Natural Salt Pipe

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The salt pipe derives from an ancient natural salt treatment which has been used for decades for treating respiratory problems. During the WWII, residents of a German city of Ennepetal were using Klutert cave as a bomb shelter. Amazingly, they found that they were coughing considerably less and breathing easier with each air raid. Later on it was confirmed by scientists that many of those using the cave as a bomb shelter were indeed cured of their asthma, chronic bronchitis, and other diseases of the respiratory tract. The healthy individuals hiding in that cave had strengthened their immunity and stopped catching colds. Europeans have long had the advantage of special clinics in salt caves to help alleviate their breathing problems. This method has been named "Speleotherapy."
Scientists developed the medical device called a halogenerator, or Microclimate aerosol chamber. The modern Microclimate Aerosol Chamber uses state of the art technology to completely reproduce the atmosphere of the clinics located in salt caves or in special mines, and it has a monitored therapeutic microclimate. Air with low concentrations of curative NaCl (salt) is ionized and saturated with a natural substance.
Doctors have noted that "thousands of patients have been successfully treated by this method. After taking the Halotherapy treatments their breathing becomes easier. Symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, and shortness of breath are alleviated and patients may no longer have to take large amounts of prescription medications."
People have visited the Salt-Chamber and Salt caves several times to treat their illness but without  regularly visiting, it is difficult to get rid of the problem. Also, visiting salt caves and halo chamber are costly and time consuming.
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