Gypsum As Fertilizer

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Gypsum Improves Compacted Soil

Gypsum Decreases Bulk Density of Soil

Gypsum Helps Prepare Soil for No-Till Management

Gypsum Prevents Crusting of Soil and Aids Seed Emergence

Gypsum Decreases Loss of Fertilizer Nitrogen to the Air

Gypsum Helps Plants Absorb Plant Nutrients

Gypsum Stops Water Runoff and Erosion

Gypsum Decreases Dust Erosion

Gypsum Improves Soil Structure

Gypsum Improves Fruit Quality and Prevents Some Plant Diseases

Gypsum Improves Swelling Clays

Gypsum Makes Slightly Wet Soils Easier To Till

Gypsum Prevents Water logging of Soil

Gypsum Helps Make Stable Soil Organic Matter

Gypsum Increases Value of Organics

Gypsum Corrects Subsoil Acidity

Gypsum has 17% Sulfate

Gypsum Helps Reclaim Sodic Soils

Gypsum Decreased pH of Sodic Soils

Gypsum Makes Water-Soluble Polymer Soil Conditioners More Effective

Gypsum Makes Magnesium Non-Toxic

Gypsum Improves Water-Use Efficiency

Gypsum Makes It Possible to use Low Quality Irrigation Water

Gypsum Decreases Heavy-Metal Toxicity

Gypsum Decreases the Toxic Effect of NaCl Salinity

Gypsum Keeps Clay Off Tuber and Root Crops

Gypsum Helps Earthworms to Flourish

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